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We take pride in your ride! 
Larry Faulkner and Sam Mack are pleased to bring to the North Shore a fun, friendly, family-oriented bike shop with the expertise, professionalism and level of service usually reserved for pro shops.  We'll focus on your needs, and find the bike that is best for you or someone you love.

We have plenty to please the serious cyclists in the community, as well.  Our focus on thoughtful, expert service and our exacting standards will ensure that you find the equipment you need to maximize your riding experience.



Born to tinker, Larry Faulkner has been working on bikes since he was a boy.  He was always looking for ways to make his ride better and he has spent a lifetime developing that natural talent into a service he is happy to offer customers today.  After graduating, in his early teens, from bikes to cars, he joined the US Navy where his talent for things mechanical was recognized and channeled into a 20-year career maintaining and flying in some of the world's top-performing aircraft.


Maintaining aircraft in some of the most challenging conditions the world has to offer (ask him about "summer" in Antarctica), and continuing to work on cars, bikes and motorcycles in his spare time, Larry has developed exacting standards for precision and craftsmanship which set him apart from peers in the cycling industry.  He is pleased to bring this experience and enthusiasm to cyclists of all levels.


He has always believed that the most important customer he has is the one right in front of him.  That is the ethic he uses to set the tone at Green Bay Cycles every day.



Sam Mack has also been working on bikes since his early years.  After building his first bike before he was a teenager, he became a regular at area bike shops in his native Evanston.  Before long, he managed to parlay his mechanical skills and enthusiasm into a paying gig as a bike washer and junior mechanic.  That experience helped Sam set his sights on a career path towards owning a bike shop.


At the age of 17, Sam was hired by Larry to work in a Wilmette bike shop.  Little did either of them know that, six years later, they would be starting a venture of their own.  Sam continued to work with Larry over the course of the next several years while continuing his education; first graduating from Evanston Township High School, then attending Columbia College, where he received his degree in 2011.  All the while, Sam has continued to hone his skills as a mechanic and broaden his knowledge of the cycling industry.


While Sam will ride, or drive, anything with wheels, he is an avid mountain biker and BMX rider.  He has ridden some of the most challenging trails all over the US and Canada.  His BMX experience began when he was 10 and he still gets out as much as possible.  As you browse through the store, you should know that the stunning posters reflecting mountain biking action shots feature none other than Sam himself.  He looks forward to continuing to share his knowledge of those disciplines, in addition to other aspects of riding, with friends and fellow enthusiasts.



Pam Faulkner, aside from being Larry's wife, is also a cycling enthusiast.  In 2012, she participated in a 270 mile ride through rural Kenya with Women V Cancer.  In 2014, she participated in a similar ride cycling 280 miles from Huangyagong to Shisaling-Badaling in rural Beijing Province, China.  Her travels are documented in photo albums kept at the store.  In the course of the two trips, in addition to completing the challenging cycling events themselves, Pam raised nearly $10,000 for research, prevention and treatment of breast, ovarian and cervical cancers.


Her most recent, and most ambitious challenge yet in support of these great charities, was the 2017 Women V Cancer End 2 End Challenge.  This ride began at John O'Groats (the far northeastern tip of mainland Scotland) and end at Land's End (the far southwestern tip of Cornwall), spanning a bit more than 1,000 miles in 12 days, raising $5,000!  It was the ride of a lifetime!!


She and Larry met in the Navy; Pam was serving aboard the USS Lexington (AVT-16) as a Surface Warfare Officer. They spent a lot of time cycling along the Silver Strand between Coronado and Imperial Beach. While she spends the weekdays at her desk at JPMorgan in Northbrook, you can find her in the shop evenings and weekends. Pam also loves to bake - which you already know if you've been in the store on Sunday mornings.